No Noise Pumps

Hydraulic CONTINUUM®

We can supply the CONTINUUM® no noise hydraulic pump.

Parameters influencing emissions of hydraulic noise are:

  • Cavitation
  • Pressure peaks rising from trapping fluid between gear teeth
  • Ripple or flow pulsation


CONTINUUM® pumps are used to pump fluids in a continuous flow. They are often used in industries such as the chemical, oil and gas industry, water treatment plants, and power stations as well as in forklifts, machine tools, and on boats.

These silent pumps’ helical rotors don’t trap any fluid volume. CONTINUUM® pumps run highly efficiently while still producing minimal sound, continuous flow can be maintained even at maximum operating speed. They produce extremely low vibrations and low pulsations, operating silently which helps to not disrupt operations and prevent noise pollution or complaints.

Pumps are a vital part of any water or wastewater project, and choosing the right one is an important decision. CONTINUUM® pumps are one of the most popular options because they offer a number of advantages over other types, such as centrifugal pumps. Here at Antech, we can help you choose the right pump for your project or application, we have a team of experts who have been supplying hydraulic equipment for many years and know all the ins and outs of it.