Internationally Renowned Procurement Company LOVES Des-Case!


Antech has been working with a leading international procurement company based in the UK, with global locations also in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, and Houston, Texas, to name but a few. They specialise in the acquisition of hydraulic components for various industrial applications. With a wide-ranging client base and an extensive network of suppliers, they play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless supply of hydraulic components to industries worldwide.

Supplying the company with large quantities of Des-Case breathers, with orders leaving on a weekly basis, just proves to us that Des-Case really is the best product out there, if you’re looking for desiccant breathers.

Desiccant Breathers are critical components used in industrial equipment to maintain the purity of fluids and gases by preventing moisture, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the machinery. They function by adsorbing moisture and particulate matter in the surrounding air before entering the equipment, thereby extending the lifespan and efficiency of the machinery. Desiccant Breathers are commonly employed in hydraulic systems, gearboxes, storage tanks, transformers, and other equipment where moisture contamination can lead to corrosion, degradation of lubricants, and operational inefficiencies.

By ensuring timely delivery of the Des-Case breathers and providing exemplary customer service, enhanced customer satisfaction translated into repeat business and positive referrals, driving growth and expansion opportunities for both parties.

Des-Case breathers are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications, and they are an essential component of many industrial and commercial systems where moisture control is critical.

For more information on the Des-Case range, or if you have an enquiry you would like a quote for, drop us an email at or call the office on 01253 890037.